Thursday, 4 February 2010


Today I'm all about trying to resist buying all of the 19 pieces in the Lillyland Mac collection. I may have treated myself had I not just bought a new hairstraightener and even more so had I not extended this to also purchasing a new curling iron.. Hmm.

I'm going to have to make this quick so that I can get back to work. Maybe if I pull my finger out and stop dreaming about make up I may be able to make enough money to actually buy it all!

So I beleive this is a collaboration of MAC and Lilly Pulitzer who is a designer from Palm Beach. She designs beautiful pastelly, floral, kind of relaxed women's, men's and children's wear and I think homewear too. Its not really my style to be honest. Its kind of what I would imagine my wedding party would be dressed in if I were to get married on a beach in hawaii.. mmm dreaming again.

But this collection of make up is sooooo pretty and at the same time pretty fierce!

What I most desire is the Pearlimette Eyeshadow which is in the picture above, £15 and the lipgelee in 'Resort Life' £12.

But truthfully I want it all. Now.


The Fashion Teller said...

Hey! Just found and followed your blog-so sweet! :)
This collection does look gorge but I cannot wait for the collection Lady Ga Ga is modelling!! Yay!
Check out my blog if you are ever interested


nana said...

im so unhappy this collection isnt coming to where i live :-(
your blogs amazing :-)

nana said...

Hon, thanks for the cute comment!!
Yeah, i realized you kind of had a "bit" of an obsession like i do :-)
I live in Austria, Usually we do get all the MAC collections, but somehow the MUA told me yesterday that they arnt getting the collection at all :-(

all about the style said...

I need to buy same mac make up

Nerdic.. said...

That lipgloss colour is great!
x fashionnerdic

FESI said...

MAC is great!!

Chasing Cherries said...

That eyeshadow looks beautiful!

Kasia W. said...

nice colors!