Monday, 11 January 2010

The rose looks fair, but fairer we it deem

My mother is not by nature a glamourous person. That's not to say that she isn't beautiful. She is in fact quite beautiful. Despite being in her late 50s she suffers hardly any wrinkles or blemishes and has a grace and serenity that I aspire to.

I try to remain optimistic that her good skin is genetic and that I too will be as blessed. However as I rack up the years I am starting to face the dismal truth that mother doesnt drink or stay out late at night, and has never smoked.. I may need some extra help.

Although she quite wholly fulfilled her maternal role and guided me in to adulthood with unconditional love, strong moral values and an un-natural but comforting dependancy on tea and Eastenders - No guidance on the art of making up ones face was offered.

I had to rely on my own research.

Like a lot of little girls this initially involved experimenting with felt tip pens used as eyeliner, wetted pink and red sweets used as lipstick and some delightful cuumber and ready brek face masks.

Publications such as 'Sugar' 'Mizz' 'Bliss' and (hidden from squeamish father) 'More' were also used.

Most of these offered articles such as 'how to wear make up so that your teacher wont notice' or 'how to persude your mum that lipgloss is ok' These were useful, and cherished.

Make up icons of the time to me were Pamela Anderson (heavily lined porn lips) Danni Behr (scary hair) Danni Minogue and later, the spice girls..

Needless to say these sources were less useful.

As I transcended my teens I had to fumble my way towards the light wearing Kurt Cobain inspired eye liner and way too much perfume. Then finally, after years of my friends and I sharing the dregs of their mothers old Yardley mascaras and Avon nail varnish, a full time wage presented itself! And that's where the real trouble began.

I entered my twenties with a stack of credit card bills and a haul of Benefit and Sparkly Urban Decay beauty products. These made up my make up collection purely because A, the packaging was cute, and B, My closest and most stylish friend led the way, I wanted what she had.

My all consuming adoration for all things Maquiller had begun.

I loved the rush of purchasing the newest 'must have' seasonal compact as I watched my less erudite peers fill their Superdrug baskets with Collection 2000 and Rimmel.
One acquisition that sticks in my mind is 'Benefit Hoola' a deep brown, chalky matte bronzer which was 'all the rage' as mother would say.
Everyone who was anyone had it, including my aforementioned best friend. She is blessed with skin that turns olive as soon as May is behind us, sun kissed hair and cheek bones to quite literally die for.
I on the other hand, as my signature would suggest, am more strawberries and cream than mocha.
I should have steered well clear.
But the box was soooo pretty, I was in love.
£22 later, I got the piece home and set to slowly removing the ornately decorated lid to reveal a densely formed brush with a gorgeous wooden base protected by a plastic sheath which I removed languidly. Fixed at the mirror I applied the first streak of colour to my cheek... and looked like I'd been slapped round the face with a freshly polished tan shoe.

I booked a course of sun bed sessions, and persevered.

So in short at this stage I happily beleived that the prettier and pricier a product was, the more desirable it was.

In fact this is sometimes true, but rarely. I discovered this to my cost.

So, my blog is what I hope will prove to be a useful little guide to my current collection, pieces I aquire, products I despise, products I adore... and a few other general musings on my life and loves....

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