Friday, 15 January 2010

New Arrival Delight

Quick post to express my keen excitement...

My boyfriend has just called me from home to say my 120 Pro Eye Shadow Pallette has arrived and together with the fact that yesterday I was in receipt of Mac Prep & Prime Eye and Barry M Liquid Eyeliner in Black... I am about to go over the edge.

I will wear these out tonight as I am going for a nice bottle of wine and some cheese with one of my closest girlfriends, review tomorrow!!!!

The stories behind these purchases is;

Barry M Liner - Ive never really got my head around liquid liner because I find it a bit stark, it never sits close enough to my lashes and I dont have the steadiest hand which makes the whole thing pretty tricky. However I have seen it used before and when used correctly it can make lashes look thicker and darker, and is good for adding dramatic flicks so I was keen to find one that suits me. Reading a review by Sam Donald ( A professional Make Up artist with some absolute gems of advice) She revealed that the best one is by Barry M. This liner actually costs about £4.00 - Bargain! It comes in an array of colours... Will let you know what I think.

Mac Prep & Prime - See my last post..

120 Pro Pallette - Now this intrigues me greatly. Those of you who are familiar with Lauren Luke (legend) will know that she is a big fan of these pallettes. Even more so before she hit the big time and had less money to splash out. They are available widely on Ebay and for a variety of prices from an even wider variety of sellers and brands.
Following extensive research (anyone gathered I love a bit of make up fact hunting?) I have concluded that; These products are manufactured in Hong Kong. They are then distributed by a company called Coastal Scents who will sell them to other companies who brand the boxes themselves... You'll most commonly see Manly, Fraulein38 and Beautyfactory.
I am ,generally speaking, against buying make up from anyone other than the actual brand. Mac is a good example - never buy on Ebay! They seem like a bargain but most of the products you see are fakes or out of date. A rule of thumb is 'If it sounds to good to be true... it probably is'
However, if its good enough for Lauren, it's good enough for me. And the 120 pro colours are to die for!

I'll keep you posted!

Love and pigments for now xxx

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