Sunday, 31 January 2010

Selfish Sunday...

Gosh I really haven't blogged in a long time. Very naughty. No excuses as such, just been really busy.
So today was selfish Sunday, YAY! I have a three year old daughter and a step daughter of ten so it's very rare that my luscious man and I have some time to be, well, selfish.
So with the little princesses happily packed off to their respective other parents, we had a nice lie in followed by a relax and delicious lunch in our favourite local. Then we wandered in to town and I made a few very special purchases..

The first was a day bag from Topshop. The best thing about this was that I saw this bag and fell in love with it on sight. I have lots of clutches and various other bags for different occasions but I like to have one bag as my 'day bag' that comes to work with me, shopping, lunches etc and as soon as I saw this I new that it was just perfect. I said to myself 'if its under £80 I will buy it' so when I saw £55 I was delighted. THEN when I got it to the checkout I realised I had been looking at the euro price and it was in fact £36.. wow.

I held a little ceremony for my old day bag (luscious man was involved much to his confusion) of course.

I also picked up a totally cute floral fitted blouse with delightful little cap sleeves.

Oh and three new pairs of knickers.. all following the floral theme. Im loving the romance of the lingerie trends at the moment. I also really rate the peachy/ nude lace body suits that are around but not sure how wearable they are unless you're less than curvy.

Then I went to Debenhams (less pushy assistants than House of Fraser or John Lewis)and purchased some Pro Lumiere Chanel foundation which I have of course read rave reviews about. I have been debating about trying it for ages even though I'm pretty dedicated to my Dior Foundation. The Pixiwoo girls seem to usually use either Prolumiere or Mattelumiere and I basically want anything that they rate.
I believe the matte is for oilier skin and the pro is for slightly drier but not dry skin. The assistant was so knowledgeable which is sadly very rare. She matched me perfectly to the palest shade... hmm i think I need a holiday!

Any way the verdict is that it really is lovely. I don't necessarily think its better than Dior, or worse, but I like to switch every now and then because I find otherwise my skin gets used to a product and it doesn't seem to feel special anymore. Its gives the perfect cover for my complexion and so far has lasted well. It goes on easily and you can build it up without having to try to hard. I applied it with my fingers because my brushes are all laid out neatly along my kitchen windowsill drying out after their Sunday bath. I'll update when I've had chance to apply it properly.

Then, my smuggest purchase of the day.. a little tube of Clinique Pore Minimizer, in 01.
I somehow had in my possession a tester a few months ago and have been meaning to get the full size. I really cant recommend it enough. You can put it on under or over foundation and it acts as a kind of weightless poly filler for open pores. It also helps your foundation glide on easily so fab alround. £13 for the full size tube - a good investment.

Ta ta for now. Oh and thanks to my new followers. I'm new to all this and am really pleased to have my lucky 7 followers. maybe if I pull my finger out and post more regularly I could attract some more!


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Sarah (Buzz) said...

the floral blouse you bought sounds beautiful. You should post a picture.