Sunday, 17 January 2010

Review - Barry M Liner, 120 Pro Pallette & Mac Prep & Prime

Hi Everyone,
Today I am reviewing three products that I recently purchased...

120 Pro Pallette; I was so keen to receive this that I broke the speed limit all the way home from work on Friday to get to it. Most of you will already have heard of these, or have one of your very own but for those who don't I suggest you snap one up asap.
First of all, when buying make up on Ebay you have to be so careful (see previous post) So I have researched all the ingredients of this pallette and all are safe. Not natural or organic in the slightest but all are commonly used in Make up and no adverse effects have been reported... phew.
Because with the beautiful colours this pallete offers I think even if the ingredients were reported to make the wearers eye fall out I'm pretty certain I still would have used it.
Anyway, there are a plethora of tutorials online using this pallette so I got to work with one of Lauren Luke's looks.. something of an 80's retro glam theme.
The shadows are highly pigmented, some more so than others. They are easy to build up and blend, and you only need a small amount. The fall out is pretty serious so I'd reccommend you apply foundation after eyes are complete.
The way the powders are pressed tells a tale about the quality. This is why you will often hear that a few will crack in the post even when wrapped really well.
One of the cream shades was cracked in mine but it wasn't a huge problem, I pressed it back.
But for £11.99 including postage - less than you'd pay to order just one MAC shade - I wasn't going to complain.
All in all I am suitably impressed with this product. My Lauren Luke 80's look was fab.
On Saturday Jade (10 years old going on 21) wanted me to give her a look to match a Red, white and blue T Shirt she was wearing so although I'd usually say she's too young, it was an excuse to try out something new with the pallette and I agreed.
It's quite subtle as I was conscious that I didn't want a 10 year old Jodie Marsh walking around the place, but the colours really did look fantastic, the photo doesnt do it justice.
Now, I would say that the colours are also very durable but that could be due to....

Mac Prep&Prime Eye Primer;
First of all it arrived in a sturdy black box with black tissue paper. The wonderful sparlky packaged little item was perfectly nestled in the center of the box. Thats what you get with Mac. The product itself didnt disappoint. I will definitly be replacing my faithful Urban Decay Primer Potion with it. Sorry UD, you've been good to me.
Its creamier and easier to apply and because its in a pot instead of a vial you can get to all of it without having to waste product left inside that the wand cant get to.
It held my make up perfectly in place all Friday night with no creases or slides. £14.65 inc postage. Perfect.

Barry M Liquid Eyeliner in black;
My previous post tells the story behind this and I have to say although I wasnt blown away as it still takes some practice to get the technique right, I had much more success than I have had with liquid liner in the past. The end is like a pen rather than a brush so you can be direct with where you want it and can apply enough pressure to get it right but unlike with other pens you actually dip it in the the product so you dont rely on the ink getting to the nib by itself. I will be buying the other colours in the range, they do a purple and a bronze that look fab.

So all in all I am delighted with my haul this week... I am currently also fantasising about Mac Lipstick in Vegas Volt, a full power coral shade from their 'aplified creme' range.. watch this space.


Jen said...

Oh oh oh! How amazing is that pallete? Look at the colours! I bet you have so much fun creating different looks. Yay for eBay! :)

PS - I definitely recommend all the elf brushes. I'm delighted with mine! Someone told me that washing them makes them a little softer too, so I'll do that to soften the face powder brush.

Pixie Dust said...

Oh, I'm in love with that pallette, looks amazing! I've got zillions of MAC e/s, but it might be a good idea to buy something not as expensive and still really good :)) Thank you for the review!
Glad that I stumbled upon your blog, I also love makeup, even have some articles dedicated to it on my blog :)) Stop by if you like, I think you might like my blog :)) Feel free to follow ;)
Much love xxx

DangerouslyBeauty said...

I've heard a lot about this palette, but somehow, I don't really trust colours in bulk...I'm not sure why...
Seems like you've had good experiences with it though. I would be delighted if you followed my blog, and I'll be sure to follow you xxx

Erika said...

Ooh, your eyes look divine; and the abundance of colors in that palette are making my mouth water! :)

London's-beauty said...

Wow i love all them colours! they are great and very cheap for that amount of price. I love barry M too :)! x

GoldielocksBeauty said...

That pallete looks amazing! some great colours! xx great blog =) x